Multiple Clipping Path is also named as Color Correction or Color Path or Color Grading is nobody but a progressive form of clipping track. With manifold clipping path process, you can perform shade separation of each and everything in a picture, do multiple filling, modification object size / rotation, prepare opacity change and improve color effect or shade correction to spring the photo a new look. Inventors use Photoshop to make a number of sheets while creating manifold clipping paths as a photo.

Multiple Clipping Path tin is applied to produce images of e-commerce websites, manner garments, dress materials connected to fashion design, leaflet, brochure, style catalogues, magazines, catalogs, booklet, posters and newspaper. Web pattern and GIF/ Flash complex animation. Multiple Clipping tracks has also won abundant recognition in photographs workshop, graphic designs firms, promotion agency, publishing houses, net design companies and additional others arenas

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With Color Correction or Multiple Clipping Path or Color grading service you can prepare the succeeding.

Change Color of diverse items by Multiple Satisfying to any Product Photo Color/ Tonal Improvement of individual module of Images by adding Filters, Effects and Photo Shadow Effects.

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