Make Your Payments

Clipping Path Experts BD is  committed to it’s clients to make necessary process from the starting of sending a file to the very end of making payment for the service the most easiest and convenient method available without any kind of hassle so that all of our clients would have peace of mind while dealing with us. Therefore, We offers the best options available to the client to pay for their services.
Clipping Path Experts BD never ask for Advance Payment or to create any kind of account to obtain services. The only thing the client has to do to fill out a very simple type of form providing the Company Name, Full Company Address, Contact Name, Contact Number and so forth.
After a bulk of jobs are done (specially for clients who send files regularly), an E-Mail-Invoice containing all necessary information for making payments would be sent to the client (normally every after 30 days specially for regular bulk order customers). Then the client can pay by Paypal using a Credit Card or a Bank Account with some simple clicks on the Payment Page.

How to make payment

To make a payment to Clipping Path Experts BD please go to my order link, then click on the PayPal link on each order which hasn’t paid. Or just go to below paypal link to make a payment. Clipping path Experts BD is a sister concern of Clipping Path Center .  Thank You.

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