Web Upload

Clipping Path Experts BD doesn’t worry about your file size .You can upload up to 2GB of data by the following up-loader. When you upload your file by using it, it will notify us immediately and we will then take initiate step to download them instantly. And then you will also receive a file receipt acknowledgement.
Important: Important: Please don’t forget to write our email address [ pathexpertsbd@gmail.com ] in  recipient’s email box. Do not close the browser until you see the transfer confirmation or refresh the page please.
We Transfer Upload

If you need to send us high resolution images that are more than 2GBin size, please request for an FTP Account from us. We give importance on your preferences so you can then use your own hosting also. If you have an FTP account with CPE then you can upload your files very fast in your disk. You are most welcome to visit our FTP Account Request for getting more information.