Managing your jobs effectively

As you are our regular clients and use our services regularly so you need to manage them in a way that may help you to do the followings:
Preparing your files and folder
Quickly identify a job
Understanding invoice easily

Naming your jobs

If there is a new job from you to us then use our upload-download area and follow the instruction for giving a suitable name for your job:
Creating a folder named like “15-06-14_Batch-02_ClippingPath_Your  Reference”(an explanation is given below for your better understanding)
Inside the folder you can create another folder giving the name “Active”
Now upload files into the “Active” folder.

Explanation for each part of job name

Date: To place the order you have to maintain the current date, for example 20-07-2014, Please follow the way for the date format: day-month-year.
Batch number: for each job batch number should be unique starting from Batch-01, Batch-02, Batch-03 etc.
Required Services : You should write the name of your services as an example Clipping Path.You may also need Masking, Manipulation, Retouching etc. When you require multiple services then write “Multiple Services”. Of course you should mention the details of your requirement in the order form.
Optional Work : You can put reference in the job name if you  think that it should be included in the job name.
At the time of returning your job after completion we’ll give you back named “Completed” instead of appropriate job folder.